You Can Always Get What You Want By Hal Rubenstein

My Dear Ladies,

You hate to admit it. And in fact, you still haven’t, since you’re afraid it’s going to make you sound like you’re not deep into the giving zone that’s supposed to embody the true spirit of the season. But the truth is, you know what you want, what you really, really want for Christmas. You caught sight of those luscious new Gabriel Demure Bracelets in Harper’s Bazaar in September, and they’ve stayed lodged in your mind’s eye.

You immediately imagined seeing one or more of them tidily tucked inside a delightfully wrapped square gift box under the tree, or by your bedside, just waiting for you to undo that vermillion ribbon. Not to come off brazen, but you’d be lying if you didn’t believe scoring one or more of these beauties given to you by someone special would make this just about the most delicious holiday in forever.


So what are you going to do to make this holiday wish a reality? You don’t want to just blurt it out. After all, that seems so – well – obvious. It’s not right, is it?

Well, yes. And no. Because here’s the thing, and understand that I speak from the position of having selected, edited, and authored more than 50 major published gift guides in my career. People, especially those you really love and who love back just as much, are usually more afraid of buying the wrong gift than they are confident about buying the right one.

The truth is that most of the time the gifter is looking for a sign, a clue, some north star that will guide them to the shiny light that will sparkle on you and reflect wonderfully on them because once you start to gush, they can                                                                                        finally exhale.

Well, ladies, there are things you can do to facilitate this happy ending. Taping a picture of your dream gift on his briefcase, may be a bit much, but you don’t want to keep it a state secret either. So how about we drop a few strategically well-placed hints:

1. Wear jewelry for the whole month, starting the moment you finish reading this article. Focus special attention on the category you are hoping for- be it stackable rings, earrings, or bracelets. What’s particularly effective is wearing something previously given to you by him that you’ve already confessed you’re crazy about. What could be more attractive to him than the thought of lightning striking twice?

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2. Make sure your big flat screen is on when there is some red carpet coverage of an Oscar bound movie or awards Gala. In a canny gesture of reverse psychology, gleefully take note of the grand and grandiose baubles sported by nominees and big stars, then sweetly dismiss them as way too much saying “Where you going to wear something like that anyway? You can’t wear pieces like every day.” Boy wouldn’t that be more fun?’

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3. Don’t hesitate to window shop – No other hint is more effective. Locate the movie theater closest to your local Gabriel retailer, choose a movie you’re “dying” to see, suggest you head out early to pick up tickets so that you have time to look at holiday decorations. When you get to the retailer’s window, make sure to point out watches, a men’s pendant, or something that he might like too, just to keep it balanced. If you spy your “golden ticket” in the window, point it out, but underplay.

Cite how “cool” and “adorable” it is. If you don’t see evidence of your first choice, affect concern, that you swore you remember seeing it here, but maybe it was on the website, and ask him to remind you to check it out later. He will probably recommend you go inside or to describe it to him. Then he will go online later.

4. Just to be sure it no longer remains a secret. Tell mom, the best friend you have whom he likes most, one, or all of your kids about what you’re wishing and hoping for. At some point, he will ask them. They won’t hesitate. Good as done.

To the Gents, should you be surfing and come upon this:

Trying to get a handle on what she wants? Besides a first class trip to a tropical island, jewelry is about as surefire gift you can buy. It’s intimate, timeless, glamorous and indispensable. How do you know the right piece(s) to buy? Easy:

1. Pay attention. She will tell you, not in so many words, but trust us, she will tell you.

2. Pay attention. Look at what she is wearing every day. There are clues everywhere.

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EG13452M45JJ, EG13338Y45JJ, LR51277Y45JJ, LR51263Y45JJ, LR51273Y45JJ

3. Snoop. Either check out her Instagram or Pinterest accounts (it’s justifiable because it’s all for a worthy cause).

4. While she is busy downstairs, or in another room, or at work when you are not, check out her top dresser drawer, which is probably where she puts most of her best gems. If not there, search until you find it. (It’s justifiable because it’s all for a worthy cause).

5. “Wander” into a jewelry store. But before you do, call your local Gabriel retailer and alert them that you are coming. Describe your lady, and request that they discreetly tail her, engage her and advise her. Meanwhile, you step back and pretend you are merely casually paying attention. Check your email, Facebook, football scores, or read the Huffington Post. Keep one eye open, however. And call or come by later for a full report.

6. Don’t mistrust your instincts. However good the retailer’s recommendations, you still know your woman better than anyone. If you have a hunch about what will make her happy. Go with it, because it will make you happy too. In fact, it will be the best Christmas in forever. NOTE TO ALL FACETS OF LIFE READERS:

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