Top Ten Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

Vintage-style engagement rings have special sense of romance associated with them and are never meant to go out style, making them an extremely unique choice for the bride. There are different vintage-inspired styles that are likely to be more unique than any modern engagement ring. Each handcrafted ring features classic vintage design details influenced by antique rings over the past 50 years. 

Inspired by the romantic eras of the past, our assortment of vintage-style engagement rings are heirloom quality pieces that you’ll want to pass down for generations.

See below for Gabriel’s top 10 picks for vintage-style engagement rings. 


Highlighting a glamorous diamond halo center stone, this stunning engagement ring is accented by ornate vintage detailing, reminiscent of the glitz and glam of the jazz era.

This 14k white gold round cut vintage engagement ring is featured in different center stone cuts, carat weight and metal. Picture this regal beauty in rose gold with a emerald diamond center stone. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER7479W44JJ (starting retail price $2,000)


                                         2. FLORENCE  

The intricate scrollwork on this white gold engagement ring make this piece truly distinctive, and the decadent diamonds within the channels of the band evokes sophisticated beauty that cannot be duplicated. 

You have the option to customize the metal (yellow gold, platinum, rose gold) and the carat weight on this decorative 14k gold engagement ring.

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER7293W44JJ (starting retail price $2,165)




                                        3. CHELSEA

Greatly inspired by the Victorian era, this lovely antique-style engagement ring features accent diamonds in milgrain frames on both of the shoulders on this unique engraved knife edge band.

This style can be customized only by metal as the carat weight and diamond shape are unchangeable. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER10044W83JJ (starting retail price $1,290) 


                                              4. MABEL

An old-world classic ring with a touch of milgrain around the edges. Its diamonds are secretly tucked into channels of the marquise and circle shank pattern on this Victorian-themed band. 

Heavily inspired by the Victorian era, this vintage-style 14k gold engagement ring can be redesigned to fit your preference of metal and diamond shape.

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER6711W44JJ (starting retail price $1,800) 



                                              5. SADIE

Mesmerizing ribbons of diamonds are accompanied by hand cut etching for an all around luminous shine.

Milgrain borders lend a distinctly vintage touch to this elegant 14k white gold engagement ring. Play around with alternative diamond shapes and metals to build your perfect vintage-style engagement ring. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER4122W44JJ (starting retail price $800



                                           6. ZELDA

A true vintage-inspired Gabriel original. Intricate hand cut etching is incorporated with brilliant pave channeled diamonds on this elegant 14k white gold diamond engagement ring.

Add an alternative diamond cut, metal or carat weight for a touch of personalization. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER7500W44JJ (starting retail price $2,725) 



                                              7. HALSEY

Beautifully crafted, this bold 14k white gold diamond engagement ring includes an exquisite halo engulfed in a detailed filigree design, and a Victorian milgrain pattern elegantly complements the center stone.

Make it your own by customizing the carat weight, metal and diamond cut.

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER11865R0W44JJ (starting retail price $1,525)



                                                    8. ANNADALE

Milgrain accents within the halo and around petal-shaped diamond clusters on the shoulders of the band add a special heirloom feel to this stylish 14k white gold engagement ring.

Though the carat weight is definite on this vintage engagement ring, you have the option to change the diamond cut and metal for a more personal feel. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER12579R4W44JJ (starting retail price $1,925)


                                           9. ABIGAIL 

Pave diamonds, milgrain borders, and engraved Victorian-inspired details adorn majority of the shank on this regal white gold engagement ring. This decorative engagement ring combining royalty with the Victorian Era making it a perfect fit for the one who embraces the romantic era.

Make it your own by switching with diamond shape, carat weight and metal color. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER12282R3W44JJ (starting retail price $1,590)


                                             10. MARIANNA

Matched with the elegance of Victorian flair, this detailed three stone engagement ring enhances your center stone with two dazzling side diamonds and an elegant pave diamond band with milgrain detailing.

Choose your preferred metal color and carat weight for this stunning Victorian-inspired three stone engagement ring. 

*Setting only, center stone not included.

Style: ER7290W44JJ (starting retail price $1,815)




Vintage-inspired engagement rings from Gabriel & Co. offer the highest quality and value. By giving your bride a vintage/vintage-inspired engagement ring, you’ll be assuring her that you have chosen something truly special: a ring that exudes a timeless style and exceptional artisanship. We also carry Vintage-style Solitaire Engagement Rings and Art Deco Engagement Rings for vintage style lovers.

Browse through our collection, pick your favorite vintage-style engagement ring and find your nearest local authorized Gabriel & Co. jeweler to schedule a viewing. 

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