Mike & Akira

When I first starting shopping for an engagement ring, I had an image in my head but not much knowledge about exactly what I wanted. Contempo Jewelers was the first store I visited. Right from the beginning, Nick made me feel right at home. I began to explain the shape of stone I had imagined and Nick knew immediately what I was talking about. Nick even taught me what it was that I was trying to explain (Marquise) and what to look for in them (color, etc). Even though I was completely satisfied, I still left the store without a purchase because I wanted to see my options. Nick never attempted to stop me from leaving or put that dreaded “guilt trip” style of sales line to keep me from leaving. I shopped around, both franchises and other local businesses. Every other store had a flaw. Whether they didn’t like the shape of stone I wanted because it wasn’t “in style” and would attempt to talk me into a different shape that I didn’t want or they would continuously complain because that shape of stone didn’t have good “resale value”. Needless to say, within the same day and after multiple negative experiences, I returned to Contempo Jewelers wishing I had never left. Nick went ahead and ordered multiple of these so-called “out of style” and “old fashioned” shaped diamonds so I could pick the one I liked most. After that, the rest is history. The ring came out perfect. The staff knows us by name and encourages us to keep coming back so they can clean the ring. Did I mention that in addition to the perfect shopping experience, Contempo Jewelers also had the lowest prices? Yep, they did and very flexible payment schedules too. After that experience, it was a no brainer to purchase our wedding bands from Contempo Jewelers. The bride’s wedding band is a match to the engagement ring and the groom’s wedding band is a custom-made band by Nick himself. We couldn’t be happier. I cannot stress enough that I would never, ever, shop at any other jeweler again.