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5 most important questions to answer BEFORE you buy the perfect engagement ring

Buying an Engagement Ring…

the 5 most important questions to answer BEFORE you buy the perfect engagement ring

It only takes a few minutes prep time and a little research and you’ll be an expert on how to buy an engagement ring.

Buying and Engagement Ring Guide to help eliminate the stress and anxiety of one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Enjoy the read and if you have any questions/comments, feel free to Message Us

Engagement Ring Diamond Shape

Do you know the shape of the center stone that your partner wants ? Although this might sound basic, the center stone is the most valuable part of the ring and something you need to get right…the first time.

Pictures of them wearing a ring

Any ring pics with any friends? If so, get them and store them in a folder on your cell. My specialty is custom ring design and I can combine different components of different rings and come up with your, one-of-kind, engagement ring. With the price of 3D printers and CAD (computer animated design) coming down in price, you can get exactly the ring of your dreams for a lot less than you think.

White Gold vs Platinum…which is better?
Platinum is much harder and will not abrade like gold. That means that gold will show wear faster than platinum and the claws holding the diamond will need checking periodically to make sure they don’t loosen. Also, platinum is a purely white metal unlike white gold that will show discoloration (yellowing) over time. Platinum costs a little more, but is so worth it in the long run.

Engagement Ring Budget

Set one and let your jeweler know what it is. We create rings in all price points and can tailor the center diamond with the perfect ring setting to suit almost any budget.

Watch this 4 minute video, It’s priceless
It won’t make you a diamond expert but you will learn more about choosing a diamond in a few minutes than most people learn in a lifetime

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